Risk Management

We are in this together, that is why we provide consultative risk management services to all policyholders. Instead of telling you what you are doing wrong, we are here to consult and collaborate how we can improve care together.

In these difficult times risk management is not only effective, but also necessary. As a policyholder, you have access to 24/7 risk management to help your team manage through any potential liability issue that arises. Our company has partnered with OmniSure Consulting Group, a highly specialized risk management and loss control firm, to provide you with complimentary access to Risk Fitness® to help you reduce your professional risk.

Your access includes profession-specific advice in the RiskFit® Library, periodic RiskFit® Tips delivered directly to your email inbox and the RiskFit® Helpline for advice on-demand. Oftentimes, as a health and human services provider, you encounter professional practice, risk and regulatory related questions or issues and you’re just not sure where to go. We are here to help you right now!

We are pleased to offer you a complimentary subscription to Risk Fitness® powered by omniSure Consulting Group!