Risk Management

At Healthcare Professional Long Term Care, we take a proactive approach, working with our policyholders to target actual and potential loss areas and offer solutions to help eliminate and/or reduce exposure.

Our consultative process begins with risk identification. Our highly seasoned and skilled Risk Manager brings over 30 years of experience in senior living and risk management. Collaboratively, we discuss actual and potential loss sources to help you prioritize and manage your risks. Our comprehensive assessment gives you an informed view of your operational risks based on known industry benchmarks, guidelines, and best practices. Recommendations will be made when appropriate on steps and actions you can take to reduce risk. 

Risk Management – John Moore, LNHA, CALA, Director of Risk Management

727-201-5329 or John@serenspecialty.com

Additional Risk Management Services

Healthcare Professional Long Term Care policyholders have complimentary access to a live 24/7 risk management Helpline to help your team manage through any potential liability issue that arises. Our company has partnered with OmniSure Consulting Group, a highly specialized risk management and loss control firm, who will answer your call. 

Healthcare Professional Long Term Care policyholders also have complimentary access to the RiskFit® resource library and useful tips to help you reduce your professional risk. 

OmniSure Consulting Group, LLC-
24/7 Helpline
1-800-942-4140 or helpline@omnisure.com